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About Withdrawal

dependentThree or more of the following: strong desire to use; use more than intended: wish to reduce or stop; use despite harms; tolerance; withdrawal. meth users will go through withdrawalProcess of detoxing from meth in someone who is dependent. when they stop using. 

Symptoms of meth withdrawalProcess of detoxing from meth in someone who is dependent. can include:

Withdrawal can peak around day 2-3 after last use and generally begins to ease after a week to ten days. Low-grade symptoms including mood swings and agitation, cravings, and sleep disturbance can last for a further couple of weeks, while some people can feel depressed for a few days, weeks or even months.


Getting Through Withdrawal

Be prepared

  • Rally your support people to be there for you if you need them.
  • Take leave from work, limit visitors (support people are fine), and turn off the phone. You're likely to be tired and irritable so give yourself plenty of personal space and remember to rest as much as you can.
  • Practice lots of ways to manage cravings and stick a list on the wall of the ones that work for you.

Be kind to yourself

  • You might have trouble remembering or concentrating so write notes to yourself if you have to do something you can't avoid while you're getting through it.
  • Call on support people when you need to. It can be hard to do this alone.

Watch your mood

Remember why you're stopping

  • Keep telling yourself why you want to stop using meth in the first place.
  • Read your 'things I don't like about meth' reminder card.
  • Remind yourself of the benefits of not
  • Put a picture of yourself at your worst in a prominent place.
  • Do whatever you can to maintain your commitment so you can get through this.

Get specialist help if you need it

Why not download the 'Getting Through Amphetamine Withdrawal' booklet for more helpful advice?

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